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7 September

Hello, and welcome to lostluck_icons. This is my first icon diary here on LJ... although I have been creating layouts and graphics for almost three years. I'm also known as stephy.layouts and stephy's.portfolio on BloopDiary.com.

All icons/textures/brushes you find in this journal are originally by me. I make all my own graphics unless stated otherwise. Stock photography and brush links below.

These are more "guidelines" than rules, but yeah. Read away.

-X- I doubt I'll ever be taking requests. I like to do things at my own pace, and people can just be too demanding in my experience. However, I am always open to suggestions.

-X- I realize that I am posting these graphics publically for use, and that there are people out there that will just take them and not think twice about it. I do greatly appreciate credit in the keywords if you use my icons, though (lostluck_icons or lostluckkitten). Credit for my brushes/textures is also appreciated. Then others will know where to come if they like the icon :)

-X- Don't claim you made anything you find here, please. Because that would be a lie, and it would make my pet mousey cry.

-X- You obviously don't have to comment me, but I'd like to know if people are actually using and enjoying my work :)


Vanilla Designs
e c h o i a
Miss M
silent-reverie stock
Kessia Nina
Annika Von Holdt
Shattered Elegance
Misprinted Type
Starway Scans
High-Speed Photos

stock.xchng | Daino_16 | kingvao | pilfronta | MrTim20 | ppstock | wvubush | niksan | GiantPixel | grayn

I occassionally forget to write myself a note when I download resources, so if you ever see something of yours I've used that I didn't credit you for, please let me know. I'll be more than happy to link you.

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