lostluck_icons (lostluck_icons) wrote,

24 Sierra Games icons

So, I was HUGE Sierra fan as a kid. HUGE. I had so many Sierra games it was ridiculous. And these icons are dedicated to my youth and to every other Sierra fan out there.

+ 9 Ecoquest: Search for Cetus
+ 8 Ecoquest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest
+ 5 King's Quest VI
+ 1 King's Quest (general)
+ 1 Sierra (general)


+ Credit isn't required, but is greatly appreciated. Some of these screencaps were a PITA.
+ Please do not claim credit for icons. You didn't make them, and it's rude.
+ I prefer that you don't repost in "found icon" journals, but please credit if you do.
+ Please do not alter icons in any way.
+ Please do not direct link.
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